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How to Donate!

For People in Japan
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) Japan has kindly set up a charity account for this challenge with Japan Postal Bank. Donations can be made by bank transfer (振込み) from any bank or post office ATM.

From Japan Postal Bank

Account Name - ポンゴホゴホゴプロジェクト
Account Number - 00190 - 4 - 484794

From Other Banks

Account Name -
Branch Number (店番) 019
Account Number - 0484 794

For People Outside of Japan
We have created a FirstGiving account page linked to Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) US, also known as Orangutan Outreach. All funds from this account will also be automatically transferred to our challenge account and used for the same designated charity.

By clicking on the Donate button, you will be taken to the FirstGiving page where you will be able to make a donation easily through their secure online donation facility.

A big thank you to all of the following people who have kindly donated.
With your help, we have been able to raise $3050 so far!

1) Murayama, Kenichi & Sa-chan - Miura, Kanagawa - ken
2) Yamada, Rena - Funabashi, Chiba - ken
3) Tamura Sensei - Ichihara, Chiba - ken
4) Nakajima, Noriko - Shisui, Chiba - ken
5) Darrell Nelson, Nobuko Iba - Makuhari, Chiba - ken
6) Takeda, Seiji - Wakkanai, Hokkaido-ken
7) Anonymous - Bakkai, Hokkaido - ken
8) Anonymous - Obira cho - Hokkaido-ken
9) Minami, Hideo & Sachiko - Horonuka -cho, Hokkaido-ken
10) Matsushita, Otojiro & Rikako san - Asahikawa - shi, Hokkaido-ken
11) Asuma, Ryuji, Junko and Kaori - Asahikawa - shi, Hokkaido-ken
12) Iishida, Tomonori - Horonuka - shi, Hokkaido-ken
13) Kobayashi, Yoshiko san - Embetsu - cho, Hokkaido-ken
14) Ooyama san - Tsunagawa-cho, Hokkaido-ken
15) Bunya, Kasumi & Moria, Hiroshi - Naie- cho, Hokkaido-Ken
16) Kaihatsu, Nozomi & Mobara, Mai - Naie-cho, Hokkaido-ken
17) Detective Arakawa - Chashinai-cho, Hokkaido-ken
18) Taka Shimada - Townsville, Australia
19) Degan Ellis and Kel Speechley, Melbourne, Australia
20) Aoi Ishida, Sakura-shi - Chiba-ken
21) Jackie McMaster, Brisbane, Australia
22) Allen Cullen & Sue Roberts, Brisbane, Australia
23) Jennifer Claro
24) Cary, Chika, Aisha & Kaia Price
25) Anonymous :-)

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JAPEC Interview Is Here!

If, unlike me, your Japanese is up to scratch, you can now read the Japec interview here!
Just click on the photo above.

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Farewell ShibuMaku - A message to the students!

When Miki and I first thought of doing this challenge, it was a simple idea, with a simple goal, that would take us away for a year on our own simple little adventure. However the bigger it got, the more time it began to take up and so, looking down the barrel of what is going to be the biggest year of our lives, we decided at the beginning of the year to leave our jobs a little bit earlier in order prepare for what lay ahead.

As always with decisions like these, the end never seems that real until, that is, it's staring you in the face. And so it was, under a flurry of essay marking and number crunching, my end at ShibuMaku appeared. As a teacher, it is an end that you are never really prepared for, no matter how many times you have thought it over beforehand. And yet, as is the case with all of them, you know it has to come eventually. The students I taught here were often the best part of each and every day, and many possessed an uncanny ability to brighten the gloomiest of moods with a simple chat here or a word in a diary there. Such things are always forgotten in the day to day grind of being a teacher, however it always amazes me how you realize what you've got as soon as you know you are going to lose it. The many words of encouragement and the many thoughtful gifts will be more than enough motivation to keep our spirits high on the hardest of days this year.

To all of the students at ShibuMaku, and my classes especially, thanks for the great memories!!
Make sure you keep in touch this year throughout the challenge and let us know how you are getting along! You are the reason we are doing this challenge and you are as much a part of it as we are!

See you in a year!

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