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We arrived in Wakkanai 2 days ago to grey skies and weather that was much colder than we had anticpated! The stilts arrived safely and produced a few surprised looks as we passed through the hoards of tour groups waiting outside the terminal. " Are you going to walk up to the top of Reshiri Island?" "Where are you going to go on those?" Or our favourite, "I used to make my own stilts just like that when I was a boy. I could walk all the way to school on them." If only he knew where they are going to take us from tomorrow. We parted with smiles wishing that we too only had as far as the local school in front of us!

Thew reception has been good so we will try and keep in touh as we go along! Must go and do my face! The papers are meeting us tomorrow for the first day!

Wish us luck everyone!!

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Kick Off Party!!

A big thank you to all of you who came and helped make the Pongo Hogo Hogo Challenge kick off party such a big success. Together, we managed to raise just under $2000 US for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. A special thank you must go to the Grand Hill Ichigaya for pulling out at all the stops to to make things work the way we had planned; to Steve Driscol, Yoichi Fukamoto and Tetsuya Watanabe for producing the most exciting stilt race ever to grace the Grand Hill ballroom; to Ai, Nobuko, Rie, Miyuki, Yumiko, Toshiko, Takako and Yumiko for helping to make things run smoothly throughout the night, and lastly to Saori for being the perfect MC!

Hopefully we will put the photos up soon - if we ever find our camera!

Thank you once again!

Donations : Thank you to the folloing people for your very generous donations on top of the event entrance!
Ishida Aoi - 10 000yen
Miyazaki, Rinji - 20 000yen
Signity Japan - 10 000yen

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