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Crazy Days!

It has been a whirlwind 10 days since we stepped foot back in our house, the pace of which has almost made us wish we were back walking on the stilts.
Day 1 - Brilliant welcome home party with our great mates, Steve, Ai, Darrell, Nobuko, Robbie,
Miya and Kade, Matt, Chris, Tony, Sumina, Josh, Alex, and a little boxing freak.
Day 2 - Recovery and more recovery.
Day 3 - Paper Boy drives through our front garage, while asleep in the front seat.
Wakes to a sunburned couple waving worn stilts in his direction. What have you done!!
Day 4 - Why is our electricity all funny? Tokyo Electricity discovers our power has been pulled
out in the accident, along with the power pole in front of our house.
Day 5 - Interview with GARRRV Outdoor Magazine to be released later this month.
Day 6 - Radio Interview with Okayama Radio - Lovely to do the interview from our own home,
even if it was a little more crumpled than usual.
Day 7 - 9 Article for Tokyo's OUTDOOR JAPAN magazine. How do you fit 6 months of stories
into 1500 words? Find out in next months issue.
Day 10-11 Japan Tennis Association (JTA) Manner Kids program promotion at Chiba's West
Green tennis club.
Day 12 - Meeting with BOS Japan Director. Details of our project have been released! Keep
looking here for details of a 11600 hectare parcel of land on the Borneo/ Malaysian
border! This is where you money is going! Brilliant stuff!
THE BIG ONE! My Japanese test with national broadcaster NHK. If I pass, we get on.
After lots of wine, all seemed happy and the green light was given!
Day 13 - 14 NHK prep along with school meeting.
Day 15 - Our NHK national radio broadcast. Miki brilliant as usual. Me, well I walked well on
the stilts while everyone talked! At least I hadn't forgotten that. To be honest, after all
the fuss, the hour went by without a hitch and turned out to be one of the best
experiences we have had to date. Our hosts, Murakami san and Kanzaki san, created
the perfect atmosphere for us to tell stories we hadn't been able to talk about since we
stopped a week ago. The show may even be put online in English we have been told
so we will keep you posted. To look at the profile click here.

From tomorrow, we are back off to Australia for a wee while where hopefully, we can hide away and catch up on some blogs from the rest of the trip.
We will be keeping this site up and donations can still be made to either challenge account until at least April this year. Remember, the land is there now, we just need to pay it off now!! That shouldn't be that hard surely!! :-)

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