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Januray 25th - National Broadcast NHK Tokimeki Interview

Pictures of our day at national broadcaster NHK Radio's studios in Shibuya.
Our hour at NHK's studio proved to be one of the best experiences we have had so far. Apart from what has to be one of the most spectacular views of all of Tokyo from the studio window we got to spend time with 2 of radio's most popular presenters who made us feel welcome and relaxed from the start, and who asked questions that we hadn't had the chance to even think about until now. After the hustle of the past week, it was a nice and suprisingly reflective time that brought back many of the best memories from the challenge. It also reminded me that I really must pull my finger out and get writing those blogs. I am still in Niigata! As soon as we touch down in OZ, they will start popping out, so keep visiting!

Thanks Murakami san, Kanzaki san and Nishimura san for an unforgettable day.

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