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Where we are!

December 18, 2009. There are only 7 sleeps to Christmas. The snow is starting to fall all around us but luckily we have chosen to walk in perhaps the only place in Japan where the weather forecast is for blue skies, albeit minus temperatures. Our next stop on the 22nd will be Miyazaki City where we will spend Xmas, without stilts, before our last push through whatever weather may hit us, to our final goal, Cape Sata, Kagoshima.

Now, for those of you who have been keeping up with the English blogs, you will have noticed that the stories that have been appearing and the reality are now months apart and widening with each day! I apologize for not having been able to get the stories up fast enough to match our pace on the stilts. The brain, I'm afraid, doesn't work well on an empty stomach after a long day when all it wants to do is sleep. Well, my brain anyway. However, I have some stashed away, and will get some more written in Miyazaki, so again, hang in there, they are coming!

Thanks again for all your support along the way. We wouldn't have made it this far if we weren't thinking about all of the people who are supporting us!

3 weeks to go!! 3 weeks to go!

Wish us luck with the snow!

Mick and Miki

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At December 25, 2009 at 5:26 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Merry Christmas to the Tans!
Firstly I am a little concerned that you are writing posts at 3 in the morning. I mean I know you havent got a telly, but I have always found sleep to be a most refreshing activity.
Anyhoo, this is only my second comment (youll have to go back a way to find the first...but it will be worth it) so forgive my lack of...commentary.
Well, it seems a long time ago that you guys left, but at the same time, it not as long as it might have been (which it isnt). Hope that makes sense. Wow, only a couple of weeks or so before you guys are back to civilization. Looking forward to catching up almost as much as you are probably looking forward to your own beds and a McFlurry.
Enough about you guys though - what about me? Well, spent the day cooking Chrsitmas dinner for Ai and my mum (that's three people in total by the way). A pretty relaxed day, a few glasses of el vino and a cheeky Glenlivet. Trifle was pretty good too, if i do say so myself. Off to see Tony (you've never met him) and family tomorrow. Mum leaves 28th. It hasn't all been stressful. But I have realised that, despite my optimism, my mum is still just an old woman who will always choose a sandwich and a coffee over anything else that might be considered even remotely adventurous. Oh well. Makes you realise that your family are just strangers that you know a little better than some other people who you know slightly less about. (Does that seem harsh? Perhaps. But life goes on!).
Right, enough about me now. Back to you guys.
Hope you had a good Christmas Day. I assume you tracked a hedgehog throught the woods before ensnaring it in a fiendish stilt-operated trap, before roasting it over an open fire with elderberry stuffing and wild daikon mash. Or...did you just go to a restaurant? Never fear - we will sort you out with a bit of decent nosh on the 10th. Might even be a spot of alcohol knocking about too.
If Id realised how much fun it is doing this blog-posting malarkey, Id have been on here more often! Not to mention the fact Im great at it!
All the best you guys. More from me later. Probably


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