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We're back!!

After a sea voyage that was almost as challenging as our 6 months on the stilts, we are back at home readjusting to life with a bath and a kitchen at our fingertips. It didn't take long.
There have been lots of uploads in recent days on various news sites about the challenge, but most of them seem to fall off as soon as the day passes into the next. How sad it is to be known as old news!

However, one site that we know will be up for a while is that of a documentary team that was with us on the last day. Their effort aired last night and has been uploaded on to the web for all to see. It is in Japanese, but you are able to see some of the sights from our last day, on our run up to the end of Japan. If you get the chance have a look.

Vimeo video cache - Studio Filce - CLICK HERE

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