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Online Donations Closing Soon!

May 31 signals a year since the Savepongo Online donation facility was created through FirstGiving. It is amazing how time flies! This time last year we were still learning how to walk on stilts, still trying to convince people that we weren't that crazy, and still trying to convince ourselves that we hadn't bitten off more than we could chew.

How a year changes things!

With the challenge now finished and attentions now turned on launching officially the Savepongo Adopt a Forest for Pongo campaign, the Firstgiving site will no longer be continued from May 31.
If you still wish to donate, all funds received by then will go to into the Adopt a Forest Fund, our challenge to save 120 000 hectares for the orangutans by 2015.

After that date, we will still be continuing this blog in conjunction with the BOS-Japan site.

Thank you to all who donated last year through the firstgiving site. The adopt a forest campaign that is about to start, is the direct result of your support last year. Without it, there would not have been the belief by the powers that be, that such a project was worthwhile!

Keep looking for information about this new stage of Pongo's challenge soon.

Thanks again

Mick and Miki

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