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New Photos!!

Our takeuma'ing has come to an abrupt halt with the collapse of Miki's stilts! All along we had thought mine would have been the first to break down on account of the fact that I am the fatter of the pairing, however yesterday as we were coming in to the town of Ako, a small cracking sound signalled the end of Miki's left stilt! All is not lost however, the spares are on the way as we speak and a few twists of the screws and we should be back on the go tomorrow. In the meantime, the delay has made it possible to finally get all the photos up to date - well as far as Osaka anyway. Have a look if you get the chance.

Our route to Kyushu is being uploaded as we speak so that too should be up by the day's end.

We are about a day out from the city of Okayama. The bottom is getting closer, not mine but Japan's so stay tuned! We will try to let you know the finish date as soon as we get the last of our map routes done today or tomorrow!!

Thanks for all the messages!!

Mick and Miki

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At November 18, 2009 at 2:31 PM, Blogger James said...

A real gentleman would have offered his own stilts to his lovely wife whilst walking behind her, carrying both packs and rubbing her sore legs.


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